Big Bear Real Estate Update for March 2014

This year’s ski season has been good, considering our snow has been minimal at best.   We are still hoping for a “March Miracle” to occur, and some April showers.  Our little valley could use the water indeed! 

Even though precipitation has been little to none, Big Bear real estate sales have been brisk.    For instance, our inventory is just under 400 Active listings, with sales averaging 50 solds for the month of February.  That represents 12% of the active listings market, with 99 pending homes (in escrow) which traditionally close with-in 45 days.    Our prices are holding steady, and we average 5 new listings per day into our MLS system which allows the buyers new inventory if they can’t locate that perfect home with-in the existing inventory. Most savoy agents, like us, will put our clients on a “flash program” to keep them up to date with all new listings.  That way, they will be informed instantly when a new listing that meets their criteria loads on the Big Bear MLS. 

Buyers may want to keep in mind that our Big Bear MLS System is private, and if you have a down the hill Realtor, they will not have access to our Big Bear MLS system.   Therefore, you will not have the entire inventory so I urge you to call us; we are the inventory and area experts!  Your Realtor would agree that they do not know the area as we do, and urge you to contact a Realtor here in Big Bear.

In summary, if you are looking to buy an investment home, big bear cabin, big bear lakefront or log home, now would be the time to do it!   Prices are good, interest rates are still low (averaging 4.75%, 30 years, fixed) and the weather is beautiful.

We hope to see you soon, and please remember, we are here 7 days a week to serve all your Big Bear real Estate needs.   Until next time, hope to see you here in Big Bear lake.

Yours truly,

Bob Angilella

Big Bear’s Top Realtor & team

Big Bear Real Estate Update for February 2014

As we swiftly come upon the month of February, I can tell you that we are extremely busy with big bear real estate sales.  If this is an indicator as to what the summer will be like, we may have to hire another buyer’s agent or two!   Our inventory is below 400 Active units!  In comparison, we normally have 750 to 900 active units this time of year, giving us plenty of inventory to slide into summer.  However, what’s really great is I don’t see any price appreciation or very minimal at best!  This is good, as our prices already rose in 2013 on average about 20%.

We have a new development in Big Bear called Ridgeview Homes.  58 New, custom built homes for sale starting in the low $ 300k. All with granite, stainless steel appliances, 17” floor tile and beautiful elevations to select from.   You can see them here by clicking this link:  Ridgeview Homes    we are building Phase I and II now and we are selling out!   Give us a call regarding this fantastic development!

The interest rates remain low on average 4.75%.  Don’t wait, call us and let’s get stated on finding you that perfect little cabin, mountain home or lakefront property.   We are here 7 days a week to serve all your Big Bear Real Estate needs.

We are Big Bear’s TOP Team in 2013 with over 415 million in sales, contact us today!   Hope to see you soon.

Thank you.

Bob Angilella

Big Bear Real Estate Update for December 2013

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..    Yes it is!  Big Bear Lake village is festive, all decorated with lights and our village Christmas tree adorned in ornaments.  A wonderful time of year!   As far as Big Bear real estate,  we have stayed consist in sales and values.  No appreciation, and no depreciation…  everything priced just right.  Our values reflect prices that were in 2002, so there is plenty of room for appreciation when the market does decide to adjust upward.    I expect sale to stay brisk throughout the winter season, and continue right through January into February, 2014.  The interest rates remain low, averaging 4.25%.  What more could one ask for?  Great values, good interest rate!  Time to invest in Big Bear and enjoy our mountain community that is located so close to all of southern California.

Statistics to help you decide, for the past 30 days:   ACTIVE  listings as of ( December 6, 2013)  419 Active Listings.  This represents a drop of 10% in inventory for the past 45 days.   The average PENDINGS for November were 131, a drop of 5%.   The average SOLDS for the month of November were 102, a drop of 6%, not bad considering the holiday!

As stated in my previous November blog, we’ve had  some fluctuations however, for the most part, stable!  Real estate in the Big Bear Lake area continues to sell, good values and great homes abide.   Our area is unique and is surrounded by 12 million people, and our town only has 21 thousand homes.  We are the only four season resort in southern California, a two hour getaway form anywhere in southern California, how could you not invest in real estate in Big Bear Lake…  it’s a no brainer!   As mentioned previous, the stock market continues to climb, uncertainty in those areas, and yet, our real estate market continues to stabilize, and values are holding steady along with the interest rates as mentioned prior.

Please browse our website for Big Bear Lake real estate and if you have any questions, just contact me.   We are Big Bear’s TOP team and we are the market leaders in Big Bear Lake.  Until next month, Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to all.


Bob Angilella

Big Bear Real Estate Update for November 2013


by Bob Angilella


Time for turkey!  Yes that is right, the holidays are upon us and what does that mean for Big Bear Real Estate?  Sales, sales, and more sales!  Traditionally, November through February is our 2nd busiest time of the year for real estate sales in Big Bear Lake, summer being the busiest.  This past summer, we had sales and home appreciation that touched on 2006 and 2008 values, and now, values have settled down which I am very happy about.   In addition, the interest rates have settled, at around 4% for a 30 year fixed loan.

Statistics for Big Bear lake real estate in the month of October were as follows;  We had an average of 465 Active listings, as compared to October 2012, and we had an average of 545 listings.  The average pending’s for October 2013 were 142 pending’s, with an average of 125 pending in October 2012.   The sold's for October 2013 were 119, as compared to October 2012, which were 129, just a few more as compared to today’s sold's.

As you can see, with these statistics, we have a somewhat stable market, and I expect this to continue well through next spring, 2014.  Our inventory will fluctuate from 450 to 635 active listings throughout the winter, and sales will remain brisk, averaging 100 to 140 sales per month.   The interest rate, volatility in today’s stock market and the political dogma that keeps surfacing in the news, makes it a great time to buy, as values are normal, interest rates low and credit is available to all credit worthy folks.  It seems people, (including myself) want to invest in something that is solvent and a good investment that will grow over the years.  Investment property, as we have here in Big Bear Lake, CA seems to be very popular for investors as vacation income producing rental property or just owning a 2nd home and enjoying with your family or friends over the years, while the property appreciates.  Of course, there are no guarantees. 

As always, contact me if you have any questions and please use our website to search all Big Bear real estate.  Remember, we are Big Bear’s number one sales team for your real estate experience here in Big Bear Lake, let us serve you!   Until next month, have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday.


Bob Angilella

Big Bear Real Estate Update for September 2013


by Bob Angilella


 Say good bye to summer as we approach one of the most beautiful times of the year in Big Bear Lake, autumn!   As I reflect back on this past summer for Big Bear Real Estate, I had mentioned that we had a slight appreciation in Big Bear real estate values of about 6 to 8% for the past 6 months.  The appreciation has begun to slow and to settle and frankly, I am very happy about that!  With the rise in interest rates to an average of 4.5%, our market appreciation has cooled off just a bit and so has the rest of the southern California market.   However, the buyers have not cooled off!  We are extremely busy with real estate sales in Big Bear right now, averaging 26 escrows this month alone. 

The average sale for my team is in the $ 350k range, with buyers still negotiating list price yet, informed enough that if a home is priced right, they negotiate with the list price in mind and offer full price, especially if the house is newly on the market.    As of September 1, 2013 our Big Bear MLS inventory still remains tight at approximately 550 active listings.  We have approximately 185 pending sales, which represents 25% of the total listings that are in escrow.  In addition, the days on the market (DOM) have dropped to an average of approximately 87 days.

I expect the big bear real estate market will continue to be busy through the end of the year.  The 4th quarter should be brisk with prices remaining stable, inventory remaining average and new listings arriving every day.    The interest rate of 4.5 % (as of September 1, 2013) still represents a 25 year low!   Now would be the time to search for Big Bear property if you have been considering Big Bear lake real estate.

Thanks again for checking in and I look forward to seeing you in Big Bear Lake.  If you have any questions, just contact me direct, we are here to help.   Please feel free to search our Big Bear MLS and please remember, we are Big Bear’s Top Producing team and we are ready to serve your real estate needs in Big Bear Lake.  Thank you!


Bob Angilella

Big Bear Real Estate Update August 2013


 As we evaluate the current market, and look back on July, we see a lot of positive progress in our Big Bear Real Estate market!   Since the beginning of the year, the Big Bear market has been very busy and has reminded me of  2005 real estate boom when we had low inventory and high prices.   Our prices have appreciated approximately 6 to 8% overall from the bottom of the market same time last year.   Sales have increased as compared to last year, (January through June 2012) approximately 18% overall.  

The biggest sales were logged in between $ 200,000 to $ 500,000, with a substantial sales increase of about 55% from last year.  That is incredible!  Also, our prices have stayed in check, without over inflating as I mentioned above.  Foreclosures and short sales are on a down turn, and represents less than 15% of all sales year to date.

With the slight increase in interest rates, we have seen a surge of buyers with a sense of urgency, wanting to still take advantage of the rate and the low prices in Big Bear Lake.    As of August 2, 2013, our inventory remains steady at around 500 active residential units.   Historically, we carry around 700 units during this time of year.  However, we have a continue stream of new inventory every  day, so there is still a lot of new homes to choose from, but it would be prudent for you to begin your search if you are ready now!

I anticipate a brisk 2nd half of 2013 for our real estate market here in Big Bear Lake.   If you're ready, contact us now to get started in your search for Big Bear Real Estate.  We are the market leaders and inventory experts in Big Bear Lake, so contact us today!   We have sold over 375 million in sales, with a staff to serve you 7 days a week.   Thank you for checking in, and hope to see you soon.  


Yours truly,

Bob Angilella

Big Bear's Top Realtor and Team

5 Unexpected Places to Clean before Listing a Home


 By Bob Angilella

With summer upon us here in Big Bear Lake, the Big Bear housing market is starting to heat up. A crucial aspect of readying a home to place on the market is taking time to thoroughly, meticulously clean, both inside and out. There are obvious areas that most home owners will tackle first when it comes to the cleaning process, but today’s ideas go beyond the standard cleaning tasks to alert you to areas that might get overlooked in the cleaning hustle and bustle. Taking time to detail these areas along with the obvious ones will ensure you don’t overlook an eyesore that might ultimately deter an interested buyer when they are searching for Big Bear real estate.

Area 1: Mailboxes
Chances are, one of the first things prospective buyers will pass by when they come to your home is your mailbox, and a pollen- and mildew-covered mailbox will definitely make for a lackluster first impression! To clean, use an all-purpose cleaner diluted in warm water, and apply to the mailbox with a brush, scrubbing to remove mildew and other stubborn stains. Rinse well with a garden hose to finish.

Area 2: Exterior Doors
The doors on a home’s exterior are faced with extreme temperatures, moisture and anything else the elements throw their way. Washing them thoroughly with soapy water and a rag or sponge will remove any pollen, mildew or other grime that has accumulated there. Sliding glass doors should be detailed thoroughly, removing any dirt that has accumulated in the door’s track by using a vacuum’s hose attachment and then wiping down all surfaces with an all-purpose spray. Often, you won’t realize how dingy a door has become until it has been cleaned. Once your front door is spotless, hang a wreath to welcome potential buyers. It makes a great first impression!

Area 3: Under the Microwave
It might seem obvious that the inside of a microwave would need some TLC before the sale, but don’t forget that on microwaves mounted over a stove, grease and other messes accumulate underneath and need to be scrubbed away. Over-the-range microwaves include a filter on the underside of the unit that needs to be cleaned regularly. To do so, remove the filter (consult the manual for your appliance for the appropriate way to do so), and thoroughly wash it in soapy water. Allow it to air dry completely before replacing. Use a Magic Eraser to scrub away any grime that has settled on the underside of the microwave unit itself.

Area 4: Air Vents and Returns
No matter how tidy you keep your home, there is inevitably dust in the air. And where does that dust ultimately tend to settle? On the places all of that air flows through: vents and returns. Dingy white vents can be a real eyesore! To clean, start by using a vacuum hose attachment to remove the majority of the dust, and then wipe everything down with a rag and soapy water. When the vents and returns are clean, be sure to replace your filters! A clean filter is a sign of a homeowner who pays attention to the upkeep and maintenance of his or her home, a great selling point for prospective buyers.

Area 5: Washer and Dryer
Even if you aren’t planning to include these appliances in your home’s listing, washers and dryers need to be cleaned thoroughly to give prospective buyers the best possible first impression of your home’s laundry room. Clear away any lint, detergent or other messes that have accumulated on top of each unit, and then use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe each one down until it shines.

Investing a bit of time into the home-cleaning process can potentially pay off handsomely once your home is on the market, allowing prospective buyers to focus on the great things your home has to offer instead of small but unsightly eyesores. Tackling less-than-obvious areas in cleaning is one way to ensure your home stands out from the other homes on the market.

Sellers – 10 Things to Help Sell Your Home!


by Bob Angilella


The housing market is volatile, to say the least. While some regions are showing signs of recovery, others remain on the low end. In many ways, it’s a buyer’s market; if you want to sell your Big Bear home and get as much as you can from it, you need to make it the most appealing option in the neighborhood. You manicure the lawn, put up a new coat of paint, and install some stylish window treatments.

Yet, enticing home buyers is about more than simple curb appeal. Many people choose to go a step further, and turn the inside of the home into a sales floor. Companies that specialize in this kind of interior design are known as “staging” companies, and they’ve been proven to increase the sale price of a home.

Here are a few things staging companies do to help your home get the best possible offer:

  1. Get rid of visual noise. A cluttered house has a harder time selling than one that’s not cluttered. By “clutter” we’re not talking about cleaning up after yourself or having too many nick-nacks; we’re talking about visual noise. Too much furniture, for example, can create a “cluttered” look. One of the first things stagers often do is remove some furniture. This makes the home feel bigger on the inside.
  2. Group furniture. Pushing furniture up against the wall doesn’t make the room look bigger, contrary to popular belief. Instead, you want to position your furniture in such a way that the room’s traffic flow is obvious. A living room with all of the couches and chairs up against the wall doesn’t look bigger – it looks emptier. Grouping furniture makes the room seem more usable.
  3. Use neutral tones. Neutral tones like beiges, tans, honeys, and even the softer blue-green shades make for a great new color for a room. This will help to make up for dated styles and finishes you might have in a given space. Larger spaces should have neutral tones while smaller accents – such as your window treatments, for example – can have bolder tones to accent and define a space.
  4. Light up the home. One of the best ways to make your home feel warm and welcoming is to add lighting. As a rule of thumb, you want to have 100 watts of lighting in every 50 square feet of space. Use all three major lighting types: ambient, task, and accent.
  5. Create a new room. If you currently have an extra room that’s not being used for anything (such as a guest bedroom/sewing room/den combination) turn it into a real value-add in the home. Remove the visual noise, and then turn it into an actual bedroom, sitting room, or other room with a specific purpose.
  6. Vary your wall decorations. In most homes, wall hangings are placed in a virtual circle all around the exterior of a given room. This makes your artwork and other decorations almost imperceptible. Instead, vary their spacing and height so as to draw attention.
  7. Flowers pay off big. One of the consistent features of a staged home is floral arrangements. If you have flowers in your yard, they make excellent arrangements and they help to reinforce the entire property as a beautiful place. Use flowers and arrangements that are appropriate to the season; when in doubt, orchids are almost always a good bet.
  8. Make bedrooms inviting. Choose soft colors for your bedroom setting. If you can’t afford to replace a bed, switch out the frame for something more luxurious and use bedding with a neutral pattern. Remove as much as possible from your closets. Storage space is always one of the big concerns on a home buyer’s list of priorities.
  9. Consider re-facing cabinets. Replacing the cabinet doors and fronts of drawers, as well as knobs, will breathe new life into the kitchen. A well-done paint job will add to the effect. If the fronts of your appliances are dinged up, consider some appliance paint. Alternatively you can cover some appliance fronts with large, decorative magnets designed for that purpose.
  10. Don’t leave anything unfinished. If you are in the middle of a project, finish it. Make any and all minor repairs you can think of. Buyers notice things that need fixed, and every one is a little bit less they’ll be willing to pay for your home.

With some hard work, you can increase the sale price of your home and get it sold faster.

Yours truly,

Bob Angilella - Big Bear's Top Realtor