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Let Bob Angilella and his Team of Professionals serve as your connection to Big Bear homes for sale in California. He's dialed into what is happening in the Big Bear housing market and can help you buy the home of your dreams or sell the home you already have.

Are you ready to buy a Big Bear house? Would owning a home be the culmination of a long time dream? Congratulations! Bob would be happy to listen to you describe your dream house so he can find you just the right Big Bear homes to take a look at. Whatever your needs may be, or whatever you have in mind for your next real estate dealing - Bob can help you get your hands on it! When it comes to homes, he'll leave no stone unturned in order to ensure you find the right one for you. Bob Angilella and his Team of Professionals are dedicated in providing you with the utmost service and dedication.

"We pride ourselves as being Big Bear's Top Independent Producers with sales exceeding 350 Million. The reason for this is you, our clients! We have a 90% return and referral client satisfaction!" -- Bob Angilella

Won't you allow us to prove ourselves and our service to you? Please join our list of satisfied clients!

Dear Bob & staff, "Everyone was wonderful about keeping us up to speed and even informed us of what was going on in lending/escrow as well.  We rate the team a "10".  All of our questions were answered perfectly."   Mr. & Mrs. Matt & Lindsey Nielsen

Bob, "Jim was very thorough and timely in all his responses and processes.  Melissa was excellent during and even after the sale."   Jose was also wonderful and went out of his way to help us many times!  :O)  "  Mr. & Mrs. Carabajal

Dear Bob, "Thank you for selling our home.  We had it listed prior to you for 2 years.  After you sat with us, we understood the market, we were impressed with all the MLS data that you supplied and your marketing plan is five stars.  During escrow, your staff was impressive and professional through the process. Thank you again."  Mr. & Mrs. Stube

"Excellent!  Your staff was knowledgeable, friendly and patient through the tedious paperwork.  Jim listened to what we wanted and made subtle suggestions without ever being pushy.  He suggested moonridge and helped us find our dream cabin."   Mr. & Mrs. Fernly

Bob, "The whole team is great, patient and very knowledgeable.  Traci is a great Realtor!"   Mr. & Mrs. Jacobson

 Bob, "Jim helped us understand all the market dynamics and helped us to make and informed decision."   Mr. & Mrs. Aussem

 Bob,  "Excellent! Traci's suggested offers were right in line with the appraised values."     Mr. & Mrs. O'Brien

 "Yes, I was very impressed when Bob called with information when Jim was unavailable."    Dr. & Mrs. Calgrove

  "We rate you a 10!  Jim made us completely comfortable in the entire process.  Your team makes us want to buy again."   Dr. & Mrs. Salamon

 Bob,  "Your team was outstanding!  Very knowledgeable and understands the current real estate market conditions and they answered all of our questions. Thank you!"   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Kyong Gay

 Bob, "We did a lot of looking on our own.  This resulted in a number of questions that were always answered by Jim, Jose or Darleene in a timely and professional manner." Mr. & Mrs. Neblett

 Bob, "Your team is outstanding!   Always available for any questions or problems that arose."     Mr. & Mrs. O'Brian

Bob,  "Jim did an outstanding job throughout the process.  Everyone was very helpful, very knowledgeable. "   Mr. & Mrs. Neblett

Bob,  "We  like you guys, we feel very comfortable calling with questions and we will!"   Sharon & James Krause

Dear Bob,  "Jim was great! Everyone was very efficient and prompt! Your whole staff was wonderful and took a lot of stress off us."  Mr. & Mrs. Chase

Bob,, "Absolutely fabulous throughout the entire transaction. She was quite patient with our many trips to Big Bear to look at properties. She and the team were always professional and courteous. Thank you all so much!" Mr. & Mrs. Fagan

Dear Bob,  "It was a pleasure working with Traci. She kept us up-to-date on all matters concerning the transaction. We felt that your teams knowledge of the market was outstanding and everyone was very professional and helpful." Mr.& Mrs. Kinney

Dear Bob,
"Traci walked me through with a very professional and friendly attitude. I felt at ease when I went into your office. I am pleased with the amount of help I was given. I felt as if I was buying a million dollar home, I was treated that well! Darleene and everyone else went out of their way to put me at ease. I do not think it can get any better. Thank you." Mr.& Mrs. Currano

Dear Bob,
"Very pleased with the services. Jim Gordon's low key approach and great perserverance were exaclty what we needed to find the right home. Jose was a great help too! Linda Doherty & Charles Jone III

"Thank you for all you did to sell our Fawnskin home - you blessed me and my family more than you know. God bless you! Mrs. Chris Anderson

"Dick & I want to thank you so much for the great job you did in marketing and selling our Big Bear home. As usual, we were impressed with your professionalism and speed at which you sold it. Thank you again so much." Mr. & Mrs. Dick & ClaudiaScott

Dear Bob & team,
"Thank you very much for the delicious cookies, they are absolutely decadent! We will share with the gang. Working with your team has been such a pleasure! All the best... The Nystrom Family

Bob, "Jose did a great job, showing us the inventory and educating us with the Big Bear area. We love our cabin!" Mr. & Mrs. Allen

"We found "our lot" in ONE day! Jim was great - he provided all the info we needed and got back to us instantly! Everything went very smoothly, thanks to Darleene! Bob, you've got a wonderful team!" Dr. & Mrs. Voss

Dear Bob,
"Maureen is the BEST! We had a great time with her. The entire process (34 days) was easy & fun. It was a pleasure to work with the whole team. There is nothing that could have been done to make it any easier and enjoyable.... thank you !" Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Dawn McCoy

Bob,  "Traci was helpful and polite. She was very knowledgeable about the area and accommodating too!" Mr. & Mrs. Walker

Dear Bob Angilella,
"Very pleased, everyone on the team was responsive. Thanks to Bob for effective team building and especially thanks to Melissa.... she had everything under control!" Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Sally Stube

"Traci was Awesome!" Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Lisa Fleming

Dear Bob,  "The entire team was great to work with - very responsive, professional and industry savvy." Mr. & Mrs. Reed

"Thankfully, Bob Listed, found a buyer and sold my home! Our special thanks to Bob and his team." Mrs. Nicely, CA

"Excellent communication, Melissa always was very helpful and friendly. It's evident that you have a fantastic team effort. Maureen was wonderful! 3rd Transaction with Bob's Team, I would not use anyone else." Mrs. Ponich, CA

"Your staff is great and Melissa is a pleasure to work with. I really enjoyed working with Maureen." Mr. & Mrs. Kaidin, CA

"I would just like to take a minute of your time to tell you how helpful and professional your office was. Thank you very much, for the very professional team of yours for taking care of my Big Bear real estate needs. It was a pleasure doing business with your team. Jim Gordon, your buyers representative is fantastic!Thank you for the house warming gift, and we will continue doing business with you." The Ramboldt Family, CA

"Excellent service and a great team to work with. They really listen to what we were looking for - Great follow through. Our buyer representative,is wonderful." Mr. & Mrs. Reed, CA

"Thiswas ourthird transaction with Bob in the past 5 years. Our lakefront sold for Top Dollar! Bob found our "fixer" lakefront 2 years ago, and we just sold it for a hugh profit. Thanks again Bob, you are a PRO! Mr. & Mrs. Mike Santuci, CA

"We really want to "Thank you" for all that you have done for us over the years.
You have gone above and beyond just being our Realtor!" Mr. & Mrs. Nigel Fischer, CA

"Your whole team was OUTSTANDING! Thank you. We have never experienced
such wonderful service from real estate agents - we are
extremely impressed with you and your team!" Mr. & Mrs. Allen & Laurie Cwikla, CA

"Your Buyers Agent, Jim Gordon was GREAT!" Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Ann Colletta, CA

"Just a small thank you (basket of homemade cookies) to you and your staff for being so helpful and willing to continue your excellent service to us and help with the water heater problem..... even after one year home ownership. We really appreciate it!" Mr. & Mrs. Brandelli, CA 5/27/2006

"As usual Bob and his team were "on it"! They got me top dollar and ran an efficient transaction! Mr. & Mrs. Chip Dykes, CA 5/14/2006

"Your awsome website was great to use, and we loved your office! Maureen was wonderful. She responded immediately and knew we were limited in time for looking at property. The e-mailing of listings helped tremendously too, thank you for your great team work." Anthony & Cynthia DeMarco, CA 5/12/2006

"Maureen was outstanding - everyone in your office was very helpful!" Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Foor, CA 5/1/2006

"Bob & Jose A+++...... Thank you Bob for all your help!" Ms. Tanya Powell, CA 4/15/2006

"Thanks for a painless transaction and friendly service. It's very hard to find such professional services all in one place." Mr.& Mrs. Simon & Kim Smith, CA 4/1/2006

"Terri was terrific! Bob, know that you are the only referral I'll ever make for the Big Bear area!" Mr.& Mrs. Ronald & Malissa Clinton, CA 3/23/2006

"5 Star Service!!" Mr.James Winans,ID 3/7/2006

"Great service - Keep up the good work! Jose was outstanding!!" Mr.Steve Chandler & Mr. Cory Blaine, PS, CA 2/23/2006

"Maureen, Jose & Bob were great! Keep up the great work and thank you!" Mr. & Mrs.Rick & Adrienne Baush 2/18/2006

"Maureen & Terry were outstanding! Your office staff and agents were professional, courteous andefficient." Ms. Jackie Ponich 2/18/2006

"All family and friends will and have been recommended your service. Your team has been outstanding! We would definitely use your services again!!" Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Michelle Melendez 2/18/2006

"Excellence is difficult to improve - Keep up the good work!" Dr. Halverson 2/18/2006

"Everyone was very nice & efficient, thank you very much" Mr. & Mrs. Ponce 2/18/2006

"A very positive experience!" Mr.James Winans,ID 2/12/2006

"Our whole experience with Maureen, Bob & Jose was wonderful, as was our experience with April... very helpful, courteous... very comfortable. Thank you! Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Adrienne Bausch, CA 1/28/2006

"Six transactions with Bob Angilella so far, Maureen is outstanding!
We will use them again!" Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Carol Bradshaw, CA 1/28/2006

"When Bob listed and sold our home he got us a higher price than we expected!" Mr. & Mrs. Minick, CA 1/14/2006

"My wife Carol & I both think Bob is by far the best real estate agent we have ever dealt with. Congratulations on having him work for your company!"  Dr. & Mrs.Marc & Carol Fried - Glendale, CA 1/6/2006

Maureen is awesome! We really enjoyed working with her. Hope to continue to stay in touch and working with your officeand Maureen. Enjoyed meeting Bob - also a terrific person! Thanks for a great experience" Mr. & Mrs.Anthony & Peggy Vorell - La Habra, CA 12/30/2005

"Bob is an excellent person to deal with! Very honest & trustworthy."  Mr. & Mrs.Ediberto & Amelia Rubio- Walnut, CA 12/3/2005

"Everyone working with Bob was a pleasure! Jose, Terry, Maureen and April are wonderful. I look forward to my next transaction with them"
Mr. Gary Pollizi - Los Angeles, CA 5/13/2005

"Bob Angilella and Jose Tapia are outstanding, Terri is outstanding too!!" Mr. & Mrs.Mike & Michelle Donato - Palm Springs, CA 8/2/2005

"This is the 9th home I have purchased through the years. I have NEVER been treated so efficiently and with such courtesy in the past as I was with this purchase" Excellent!! Mr.Samuel Halverson - Hemet, CA 9/30/2005

"Bob and the entire staff was excellent! Best experience we have ever had!" (we own several properties) Mr. & Mrs. Jerry & Susan Tyra - Upland, CA

"Previous purchases with Bob as my agent brought me back to him again. I trust Bob to guide me in my real estate purchases in Big Bear." Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rybar, Las Vegas, NV

"Bob is very professional, being a business person myself it is nice to do business with a person who understands customer service!" Mr. & Mrs. Stan & Cristen Schober - Burbank, CA

"I bought and sold three properties in Big Bear in the last three years. Bob handled both the selling and the listing side on all three. I made $$$ on all three too! Thank you Mr. Angilella, you ARE No. ONE!!!!" Mr. Dan Sullivan - Burbank, CA

"We had our property listed with another company for 6 months, the last time we saw the agent was when he took the listing! Bob and his team kept us informed, advertised as promised and SOLD our home with-in 45 days! We're sad to move, but happy with Bob!" Mr. & Mrs. Ropiquet - Big Bear Lake, CA

"We will never deal with any other agent! Bob is excellent at his job and Jose &Terry (his assistant's) are great too! This is our second purchase through Bob and he is our friend and Realtor." Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Rebbeca Blevins - San Diego, CA

"Absolutely the BEST!" Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Ellen Hammond - San Diego, CA