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Busy,Busy Big Bear Lake

 by Bob Angilella - December 17, 2012  

 Every year, Big Bear Lake swells to over 250,000 visitors during the week of Christmas and New Years and as it does, Big Bear real estate sales pick up and many sales are made by year end and into January.   Many people enjoy our town and with that, rent vacation rental homes in Big Bear Lake.  After staying a few days, many see the beauty of Big Bear and they decide to look at Big Bear Lake real estate as an investment.  In doing so, they will contact our office and we will educate them on real estate in Big Bear and we will advise them as to what areas are good for investment.   Many buyers want to rent their new home and generate money through vacation rental income for their new Big Bear real estate investment.

Traditionally, most folks will purchase a three bedroom home, which will rent on average for $250.00 per night, at an average of 80 nights per year, that equates to $20,000 in anual income.  Also, the management company on average takes about 33% of the income.  They manage and keep the home clean, along with advertising the property.  This investment then turns into a write off for the buyer and they can utilize their Big Bear home when not rented.

For more information on a possible Big Bear property investment, and Big Bear Lake real estate, please give me a call today @ (909) 878-5522 or contact me here.  We will send you the best listings that would meet you investment criteria.  

Bob Angilella is Big Bear's Realtor and his team will locate the best property at the best value for you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  

Bob Angilella