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Mammoth Mountain Buys Snow Summit and Bear Mountain Ski Resorts – November 2014


 By Bob Angilella


 The weather outside is frightful….   That’s right; it is downright chilly in Big Bear Lake!    

Big real estate news here in our little valley, it seems that Mammoth Mountain has purchased Snow Summit & Bear Mountain Ski resorts and the sale is going through.  What does this mean for Big Bear Lake?  Well, for many folks, it means growth and change.   We will see what the future holds for the Big Bear valley, as Mammoth Mountain moves in.

Regarding Big Bear real estate, for the past 60 days, and now looking into November, we have seen brisk sales.  It's traditional this time of year, real estate sales somewhat slow.  However, sellers are still anxious to sell, and with that in mind, many buyers are still purchasing properties here in Big Bear Lake.  So, we are busy!

Big Bear Real estate statistically, as of November 2, 2014

Active Listings:  596     (Inventory has fallen from 680 Active Listings in August 2014)

Pending’s:     173

Sold for the past 60 days:    228 

Average Sale:     356,000.00

Highest sale:   $ 2,450,000

Lowest sale:    $ 59,900

If you are considering buying or selling in the Big Bear Lake area, now would be the time.   No one can predict what will happen with Big Bear lake real estate now that mammoth Mountain is moving in.  However, one thing for sure, we are busy!  Contact us now for more information.  Thank you.


Bob Angilella