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Big Bear Real Estate Update for December 2014

By Bob Angilella

 As we begin to wind down the year, the Big Bear Real Estate market is winding up!  Real estate sales are brisk, from small cabins listed for $ 100,000 to our largest sale that my team sold, of $ 2.4 Million.  This past year has been one of a “surging” real estate market.  However, because interest rates have remained low, and the stock market has been uncertain, many buyer are searching for something that is solvent and stable…what would that be….  Real estate!

Please review our statistics below, as compared to the previous month of November 2014.

Big Bear Real Estate statistically, as of  December 1, 2014

Active Listings:  521     (Inventory is down from November by 14.5%)

Pending’s:     158

Sold for the past 60 days:    219

Average Sale:     334,000.00

Highest sale:   $ 2,400,000

Lowest sale:    $ 45,000


Big Bear Real Estate statistically, as of November 2, 2014

Active Listings:  596     (Inventory has fallen from 680 Active Listings in August 2014)

Pending’s:     173

Sold for the past 60 days:    228 

Average Sale:     356,000.00

Highest sale:   $ 2,450,000

Lowest sale:    $ 59,900

If you're considering buying or selling in the Big Bear Lake area, now would be the time.   No one can predict what will happen with Big Bear Lake real estate now that mammoth Mountain is moving in.  However, one thing for sure, we are busy!  Contact us now for more information.  Thank you.