"Our Promise to You"

We know that you have many agents to choose from.  Any real estate agent can sell you a home,  however when you utilize and experience our service and professionalism, before, during and after the sale, you will see why we are the market leaders and why our business has a 90% referral and repeat clientele .  You've made us number one…and we thank you!   "We want you to know that you are home!"  Bob Angilella and my "Team of Professionals".


1. Professionalism:   We always behave in a manner that speaks to the highest-quality service delivery, never "bending" the rules in order to achieve financial advantage.

2. Under Promise and Over Deliver:   We strive to go the extra mile to respond quickly, answer all questions fully and be abreast of all the necessary market data to help you make well informed decisions. We rigorously adhere to every single commitment, no matter how small.

3. Respect:   We keep you involved at all levels, creating a partnership from the outset.

4. Credibility:  We stay on top of our game through ongoing education. We take advantage of the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.) and the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) research site to ensure that we are always aware of changes and trends that effect you, our buyers decisions.

5. Honesty:   We are willing to share what you need to know even if what must be said is NOT necessarily what you want to hear. We know that an unwillingness to deliver difficult information is a form of dishonesty.

6. Answers:   We avoid superlatives and stick to solid statement of facts.

7. Soft Sell:    We help people to buy and sell Big Bear real estate without selling "hard". We know that assertiveness is an admirable trait while aggressiveness is not.

8. Enthusiasm:   The last four letters in the word stand for: I AM Sold Myself! If a team member is not excited and enthused about what we do for a living, then they will not be a part of  "Bob Angilella´s Team of Professionals". We love what we do for you!