Big Bear Real Estate Update for December 2013

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..    Yes it is!  Big Bear Lake village is festive, all decorated with lights and our village Christmas tree adorned in ornaments.  A wonderful time of year!   As far as Big Bear real estate,  we have stayed consist in sales and values.  No appreciation, and no depreciation…  everything priced just right.  Our values reflect prices that were in 2002, so there is plenty of room for appreciation when the market does decide to adjust upward.    I expect sale to stay brisk throughout the winter season, and continue right through January into February, 2014.  The interest rates remain low, averaging 4.25%.  What more could one ask for?  Great values, good interest rate!  Time to invest in Big Bear and enjoy our mountain community that is located so close to all of southern California.

Statistics to help you decide, for the past 30 days:   ACTIVE  listings as of ( December 6, 2013)  419 Active Listings.  This represents a drop of 10% in inventory for the past 45 days.   The average PENDINGS for November were 131, a drop of 5%.   The average SOLDS for the month of November were 102, a drop of 6%, not bad considering the holiday!

As stated in my previous November blog, we’ve had  some fluctuations however, for the most part, stable!  Real estate in the Big Bear Lake area continues to sell, good values and great homes abide.   Our area is unique and is surrounded by 12 million people, and our town only has 21 thousand homes.  We are the only four season resort in southern California, a two hour getaway form anywhere in southern California, how could you not invest in real estate in Big Bear Lake…  it’s a no brainer!   As mentioned previous, the stock market continues to climb, uncertainty in those areas, and yet, our real estate market continues to stabilize, and values are holding steady along with the interest rates as mentioned prior.

Please browse our website for Big Bear Lake real estate and if you have any questions, just contact me.   We are Big Bear’s TOP team and we are the market leaders in Big Bear Lake.  Until next month, Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to all.


Bob Angilella

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